E Design

Our E Design service is an affordable option for anyone wanting to carry out their own project, but who feels they need some design direction and designer expertise to help bring their ideas together and ensure a cohesive design (this service excludes kitchen design).

£200 per room
This service includes:
• Design brief questionnaire
• 2D layout plan
• Design plan to include:
• Colour schemes
• Key furniture pieces
• Soft furnishings
• Lighting
  • Shopping list – all items on this shopping list are readily available to you from national retailers
  • Designer guidance & styling tips
The Process
Design Brief Questionnaire

To start we send you a design brief questionnaire to gather information  about  your project requirements, your design goals and what you envision for the space. Information you will be asked to provide includes:
✓ Room dimensions and images
✓ Inspirational images to give us a feel of what you want to achieve
✓ How you want to use the space
✓ Your budget

Next, we create layout plans, design and colour schemes, as well as furniture and finish selections, that fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your space.
Design Package

Finally, we will send you your design package that will include:
✓ 2D layout plan
✓ Design presentation with colour schemes, key furniture pieces, soft furnishings, lighting and window dressing
✓ Shopping list of all elements from the design plan
✓ Design guidance and styling tips